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LED Studio Lighting Kit | Photo & Video | LuxLight

This is the LuxLight double LED softbox kit, a bright and energy efficient continuous lighting set that can be used for photography and video capture.

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LuxLight Continuous LED Lighting Kit - LSBK5050

This is the LuxLight double softbox kit with powerful 50w LED bulbs, it is a full studio set up that is light-weight and includes a padded carry case, providing you with portable LED lights for photography and video lighting.

Each soft box measures 50x50cm and they open up like an umbrella for a quick and easy set-up. The stands are height adjustable up to a maximum of 1.9m with a standard size spigot for connecting the softbox attachments, it also features a 1/4" bushing thread for another mounting option.

The photo lighting kit gives you a high quality soft light useful for portrait and product shots, the kit is also completely noise free and flicker free and is a good lighting kit choice for video production on a small scale. The lights would give enough brightness for head & shoulders style interview or for video of small to medium sized products.


Daylight LED Bulbs

The 50w LED light bulbs have the standard screw E27 fitting, they are energy efficient and provide a high quality of light with a CRI of 88 at the optimum white daylight temprature 5400k. They are also noise free and flicker free and are an excellent choice for lighting during a video shoot. The LED light bulbs are superior to the older CFL light bulbs in every way, using less energy to produce a brighter light with a higher colour accuracy. Click here for more details on the included 50w LED bulbs.


  • 50 x 50cm Easy-Open umbrella softbox attachments.
  • Softbox constructed with high grade materials, 3034 butterfly cloth ensures a soft light output.
  • Softbox includes heat dissapating holes, so you can use your kit for prolonged time periods.
  • Aluminium alloy tripod light stands, for stable and firm support of the lighting.
  • Powerful 50w LED Daylight Bulbs, noise and flicker free, 4000 lumens per bulb. CRI >88
  • Light-weight and portable lighting with folding desing, for fast set-ups.
  • Padded carry case allows you to easily carry the full set, approximate full kit weight 5.2kg.


  • 2 x 50x50cm Softbox
  • 2 x E27 50w 5400k, Noise & Flicker Free 86-88 CRI LED White Daylight Light bulbs
  • 2 x 1.9m Tripod Lighting Stands
  • 1 x Padded Carry Bag



Similar Kits

We have similar softbox set-ups that also focus on being portable and easy to set-up and efficient LED light bulbs. 

The LSBK5060 kit comes with the same softbox and support equipment, but has more powerful 60w LED Bulbs with a higher colour accuracy CRI Ra> 93-95

1 Year Warranty

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