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Product Photography Inspiration


More and more people are turning to professional product photography techniques to create the very best images for their store. Even if you are a part-time business selling on Ebay or Etsy,  I truly believe that having the right image can make the difference in securing the final sale. The possibilities of what you can do in your photo are endless. All you need is the right equipment (as discussed in our previous posts) and a little bit of imagination. I've searched the web high and low to find some truly creative product photos to show you just how simple and effective it can be. 

1) Setting a scene for perfection!

Product Photography: Nature

Em Ho hand makes felt table decorations. This simple toad stool image highlights the product in its natural setting in order to help the buyer visualise its intended purpose. I really like this idea for unusual gift items rather than a plain white background. Having a hint of greenery from plants in the background also creates a sense of bringing this nature related product to life. 

2) The use of subtle props to enhance product

Product Photography tips

The Gnarly Whale make natural beauty products and use very simple props to showcase their products. When photographing your products you want to think of more than just the physical item you are selling. Think about what it represents for your customers. What do they see when they look at your products? What do you want them to feel when they look at your products? In this case, they have used what a buyer thinks of as 'natural' when they look at their soaps. The raw ingredients and wooden soap dish not only add depth and interest to the image, but also enhances the product itself.

3) Using people to create drama

Amazing Product Photos

On occasion, it can be helpful to 'demonstrate' within your photo. For example these ceramic jars by Camila Prada could have been easily placed as it was on the wooden board and it would have made a good photo. However, with a simple gesture of raising the lid, it has created a great photo! Not only does it show the obvious 'this is how it works', but it also adds a sense of depth (its not a flat image) and scale by adding the hand. Doing this against a plain bold colour also helps to draw the eye directly to the jar and hand.

4) Taking a photo for your buyer

Amazing product photos

Hype are a clothing brand who are taking fashion photography to another level. How many times have you seen someone selling a t-shirt online where it is laid flat on floor or hung against a wall? There is nothing wrong with that at all, except that everyone does it! Try and think outside of the box and think about your intended buyer. Hype for example aim their products at teenagers and young twenty-somethings. Their photos are often three dimensional (they have movement, such as the model holding his glasses and taking a step forward) and use unconventional props which they know will attract the attention of their target buyers.

5) Texture can be the most effective creative tool

Product Photography jewellery

This photo by Praxis Jewellery proves that even the simplest techniques can create an impact. By using texture and light you can create a truly captivating product photo. These rustic rings have been perfectly matched with a natural rustic wooden surface. Something like this works exceptionally well for jewellery when there is no room for larger props or styling. Play about with different surfaces and change your light angles to achieve deeper textures. 

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