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900 LED Daylight Panel | LuxLight | Photography Video Lighting Studio

The LuxLight JL900 LED panel is fitted with 900 LED's that illuminate your subject with a high quality light (CRI Ra >93) at the daylight temperature (5600k) the optimum colour temperature for capturing images and video

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This is LuxLight's mid-range LED panel featuring a large flat surface area covered with 900 LED’s. Its slim build and tough aluminium casing means your light is well protected and handled effortlessly. The portable LED light has been designed specifically to control light for photography or video work and can run on both Mains power with the AC/DC adapter or on battery powered DC, giving you the freedom to use the panel in almost any situation.



The LED light panel gives you a bright and high quality of light at the optimum daylight temperature, perfect for capturing photos and video. Its long lifespan means you will be using it for years and the low power usage will keep your energy bills down.

  • Brightness – 6980 LM (Lumens) Luminous Flux
  • Illumination Intensity - at;   1m – 8880 Lux           2m – 2470 Lux                    3m – 1163 Lux
  • Colour – Daylight, White Light. CRI (Colour rating index) Ra>93
  • Colour Temperature – 5600k +- 300
  • Area of Coverage – 45 Degree angle



The panel is a safe lighting option; you can use it for extended periods as only a small amount of heat is produced. Included with the continuous light is a barn door fitting, one tungsten filter and one clear diffusion gel. DC power ensures flicker free video capture at high frame rates.

  • Power Output, Low Power consumption – 54w
  • Low heat output
  • Dimmable control to adjust brightness level
  • Portable – SONY / PANASONIC V-lock external battery plate for use with no plugs or leads for on location (Battery pack not included)
  • Mains powered – Plugs into the mains for use indoors, mains power pack is included



The tough metal housing contains 900 flicker free and stable colour temperature LED’s. The slim design means its weight can be supported easily on any standard light stand or mount equipment.

  • LED’s900 LED Beads (Single colour temperature)
  • MaterialAluminium Alloy Casing
  • SizeHeight – 400mm . Length – 505mm . Depth – 80mm
  • WeightApprox 2250g, with barn door attached approx 2930g
  • BracketU-shape bracket to angle the light up and down with ease. Standard socket size that can be fitted to any standard lighting stand or 5/8” spigot.



1 x JL900 LED Panel, 1 x Barndoor Fitting, 1 x Clear Gel, 1 x Tungsten Gel, AC/DC Power Pack


(For portable use a SONY -V Mount adapter is needed with two SONY L Series Batteries)

  1. Fantastic lighting panel   Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2017

    I needed a flicker-free continuous light with enough power to illuminate my high frame rate videos. This panel does the job! Just plug it in, turn it up and away you go!

  2. Great LED light   Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2017

    Because I use a MF film studio camera with slow lenses I need a strong light. My strobes are good but the modeling lights are not bright enough. Have definitely moved away from strobes to continuous for still life etc.